Choir Needs You

choir1Attention all Musicians! Choir will be starting soon and we need YOU to join us! Here’s what you need to know:

Ԓ It’s good if you can SING IN TUNE; you do NOT need to be able to read music.
Ԓ It’s important for you to be able to sing most weekends, at a rotating mass schedule. We DO understand that you will miss a few weekends, here and there.
Ԓ It’s important to be able to attend most Thursday evening rehearsals. You may be tired but music and fellowship WILL give you energy.
Ԓ Loving music and having an open heart are IMPORTANT!
Ԓ If you want to MEET other parishioners, CHOIR is a great place to form relationships and share your faith.
Ԓ You NEED to want to have FUN! We have A LOT of it!
Ԓ If you want to PRAISE GOD through SONG, this is your PLACE!

All are welcome and we are in special need of all voice parts. If you can join us or want more information, contact Mary Robertson at the parish office or at

Also, if you are thinking about joining choir or want to be a cantor or just want to meet us and sing some good church songs, come to HOOTENANNY SING-ALONG 2016 on Thursday, August 25 at St. Hedwig. Come and sing songs from Ray Repp and Joe Wise, the St. Louis Jesuits, Praise and Worship Songs, some traditional hymns and probably even some Peter, Paul and Mary and Bob Dylan songs. It’s going to be a lot of fun – bring your guitar, your tambourines and most of all your voice as we sing to our wonderful God!