Join the Parish Choir



Psalm 150 proclaims ‘…everything that has breath give praise to the Lord!’ The choir supports and enhances the singing of the assembly. Music can inspire people to change, to forgive, to live a joyful life, to love more and to pray better.  It expresses things that we are unable to express in words alone.

Our parish choir will start rehearsals again beginning in September on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm at St. Casimir. We would like to invite you to join us this year. We need all voices, but especially men’s voices. We sing at the 10:00 am Mass. All ages and experiences are welcome. If you haven’t sung since high school choir, come join us! If you are in high school, parish choirs are great places for you to improve your sight reading skills and be a leader. We can be flexible with your schedule, too, if you need that.

Do you play an instrument like the flute, violin, or trumpet and want to contribute? Instruments have been used to praise God since before the scriptures were written.  If you play an instrument, you add beauty to our music and enhance our worship.

Talk to Mary Robertson, Director of Music & Liturgy about how you can be a part of our music ministry this year at 414-271-6577 ext. 108 or