Liturgical Ministry

The Church calls forth people with special gifts and talents to serve the community.  These include Ministers of the Word, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality, Acolytes/Servers, Cantors and Choir Members.  These ministers are asked to serve our community as scheduled, approximately 1-2 times/month.  A formation day is offered once a year as a way to help you deepen your commitment to your ministry and to keep you informed regarding your particular ministry.

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  • Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality – When we gather together at Mass, we are reaffirming our identity as the Body of Christ.  As we gather, we ‘become’ the Body of Christ. But when you gather people together, you also bring people’s joys and sorrows, hurts and wounds.  Your ministry as an usher/Minister of Hospitality is to care for the physical needs of those who gather and make them feel like they belong here. Mass is the only time when we are all equal – rich or poor, cute or homely, well dressed or tattooed all over, well behaved or annoying – we all listen to the Word and go up to the table of the Lord.  You are the first face of Christ that people see when they come in.  Yours is an important task.
  • Ministers of the Word – As a proclaimer of God’s Word, you tell us the story of those who have gone before us and experienced God’s faithfulness and love.  As a proclaimer who has studied and prayed and wrestled with the Word of God before you proclaim it, you bear witness to the truth and power of God’s word. You help us ‘borrow God’s eyes’ and see what life could be like if we follow his ways. You prepare the way for the presider to break open that word for us during the homily. Yours is an important task.
  • Eucharistic Ministers – As a Eucharistic Minister, you are privileged to look into people’s eyes and say ‘The Body of Christ’ and ‘The Blood of Christ’.  This phrase not only encompasses Christ’s presence in the consecrated host and wine but Christ’s presence as you look into each person’s eyes and tell them THEY are the Body of Christ.  When you do that, you may encounter the pain and sorrow or weariness they bring with them as the Body of Christ. People ‘hunger’ for God. How can you feed that hunger once you leave Mass? At Mass we ‘become’ the Body of Christ by gathering, listening to the Word, receiving Communion and being transformed; when we leave Mass, we ‘are’ the Body of Christ, not just for ourselves but for the life of the world.  Yours is an important task.
  • Acolytes/Servers – Jesus said: “I have come into the world not to be served but to serve”. As an acolyte/server, you assist the priest in the sanctuary. You are the embodiment of a servant leader and an example to all of the community to ‘love and serve each other.  Yours is an important task.

Music Ministry 

  •  Cantor – St. Paul tells us to ‘sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs’. As a cantor – a leader of song with special musical leadership skills – you are asked to sing the psalm and to encourage the community to sing the Mass in their hymns and acclamations. Yours is an important task. Cantors are scheduled about once a month. Contact Mary at the parish office to audition.
  • Choir Members – Psalm 150 proclaims ‘…everything that has breath give praise to the Lord!’ The choir supports and enhances the singing of the assembly. Music can inspire people to change, to forgive, to live a joyful life, to love more and to pray better.  It expresses things that we are unable to express in words alone. Yours is an important task.
  •  Instrumentalists – Instruments have been used to praise God since before the scriptures were written.  If you play an instrument, you add beauty to our music and enhance our worship.  Yours is an important task.

Prayer & Worship Team

The Second Vatican Council called the liturgy the ‘source and summit of the Church’s activity’. What can parishes do to make sure that those words come to life in their Sunday worship? How can they make the Eucharist a wellspring of energy and hope so that all present are refreshed and strengthened?  How can they enable parishioners to connect worship with ‘real life’?  The Prayer and Worship team exists to promote and strengthen the continuing liturgical renewal that marks a community centered in the Eucharist.

Contact Iason Giagtzoglou, Director of Music and Liturgy, at 414-271-6577 or if you would like to join any of these ministries or talk further about your involvement in the prayer and worship life of our parish.