Sixth Sunday of Easter

“He can bring thy summer out of winter though thou have no spring. All occasions invite his mercies and all times are his seasons.” (John Donne)

Dear Friends,

We are having a cold spring in so many ways. The obvious crazy weather, but the even more cold air that has seemed to grip our nation and world, the cold air of meanness, the biting winds of partisan politics, the bluster of protest and division with no seeming middle ground to any discussion. Personal coldnesses abound. Relationships gone sour or rocky; families and friends struggling and holding grudges; busy-ness and exhaustion; the penetrating chill of worries and doubts. The list goes on … Name your coldness!

And then every once in a while we feel a whisper of warmth. A small act of kindness; a word of support; an occurrence of truth that proclaims that not all is relative to our feelings or experiences.

There is a truth out there and his name is Jesus. That’s where we start. Easter reminds us that the warmth and potential of new life will unfold if we follow the way of Jesus, if we truly live the Eucharist we say Amen to every week. There is a truth out there and he wants in to our hearts. Let’s make the move. Open our hearts to the warmth of Jesus!

Then summer can truly begin!

Sincerely, with love,

Fr. Tim