Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

Many denominations dedicate one Sunday in autumn as Stewardship Sunday where people renew their financial pledge for the coming year. While this word is a foreign one to most Catholics, it embraces the concept of time, talent and treasure. Everything we have both spiritually and materially comes from our God who is never stingy but very prodigal. We have a need and responsibility to share of our resources without counting the cost.

Just last week we commemorated All Saints and All the Faithful Departed. While it is customary to offer prayers for all who died on November 2, it might be better to consciously remember the faithful departed this month in the context of true discipleship. While the saints in heaven intercede for us on our pilgrim journey, we remember our departed loved ones as members of the Body of Christ. We continue to help those most in need by prayer and works of mercy. Thus we see where discipleship meets stewardship. The widows in both the first reading and gospel of today are a living example of self-sacrificing love which leads to abundance.

Our stewardship of time, talent and treasure is a mere trifle compared with the all-encompassing sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary. As we realize what Jesus did for us, we can derive strength to make his sacrifice our own.

In conclusion, I want to quote a prayer often used by Fr. Tim.

Receive my offering, O Lord.
It is not charity, because you are not a beggar.
It is not leftovers, because you want more than that.
My gift, O Lord, represents my gratitude, my love…
For whatever I have, it is because you have given it to me.

God bless you all.
Fr. Mike Michalski