Year of Mercy – December 2015

December 2015 – Visit the Sick

The second work of mercy on which we shine a light can be so powerful, but it can also be very difficult. When someone is sick, medicine can go a long way towards healing, but the strength of medicine is much different than the intangible power that comes from the presence of another person. When we encounter illness (especially terminal illness), it can force us to face our own mortality, but – in light of our faith in Jesus’s power over death – we can put that fear aside and let compassion take the lead. This enables us to be present with someone who so needs human contact – a loving touch, a warm hug, an encouraging word or a comforting smile.

This weekend, many parishioners visited our homebound parishioners, bringing them not only a beautiful poinsettia, but also love from our parishes, the joyful anticipation of Advent and – more simply and importantly – the presence of Christ. As you finish your Advent journey, seek out those who are sick (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually) and share your spirit and mercy with them.

If you’d like to know more about how you can get involved in visiting the sick in our family of parishes, contact Terri Balash at or 469-6173.