Year of Mercy – January 2016

January 2016 – Welcome the Stranger

In January, our family of four parishes is focusing on the corporal work of mercy – Welcome the Stranger. Also known as Shelter the Homeless, this work manifests in many ways in today’s world.

Most obviously, there are people on our streets without a safe, decent place to sleep (a HUMAN RIGHT according to Catholic Social Teaching): in Milwaukee over 1500 people per night, nationally over 600,000 per night (138,000 of whom are children). Especially tragic during these winter months, we must work to address their mortal needs.

Almost equally obvious today are the people fleeing war, oppression, violence, economic poverty and slavery: the Middle East, Central America, Africa – the list goes painfully on. Regardless of their circumstance, all of these people are born with a dignity from God that cannot be taken away. The US bishops recognize that this will take a massive commitment of resources and energy, but it’s a commitment that Christ himself calls us to make (see Matthew 25).

Commit yourself to helping those without a warm, safe place to sleep – whether you get involved with our family of four parishes’ partnerships with the Guest House, Habitat for Humanity, St Vincent de Paul, Meta House, St. Ben’s Meal Program, the Riverwest Food Pantry and/or La Causa Crisis Nursery, or engage in your own efforts.

To learn more about these or other ways to Welcome the Stranger, contact Andrew Musgrave at or 414-271-6577.

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