Mass Times

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Priest Schedule December 16-17
Priest Schedule December 23-25

Sunday Mass Schedule

Our Lady of Divine Providence
3:15 pm Confession at St. Casimir
4:00 pm Vigil Mass at St. Casimir
9:15 am Confession at St. Casimir
10:00 am Mass at St. Casimir

Old St. Mary
4:30 pm Vigil Mass
7:15 am Mass (canceled 12/24)
9:00 am Mass (Livestreamed on YouTube)
11:30 am Mass (canceled 12/24)

SS Peter & Paul
4:00 pm Confession
5:00 pm Vigil Mass
9:30 am Mass
7:00 pm Mass (canceled 12/24)

Three Holy Women
3:30 pm Confession at Holy Rosary
4:30 pm Vigil Mass at Holy Rosary
8:30 am Mass at St. Hedwig
10:30 am Mass at St. Rita

Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve
3:30 pm Our Lady of Divine Providence-St. Casimir
4:00 pm SS Peter & Paul
4:30 pm Old St. Mary
4:30 pm Three Holy Women-St. Hedwig
5:15 pm Cathedral
10:30 pm SS Peter & Paul
Midnight Three Holy Women-St. Hedwig
Midnight Cathedral (Televised on WISN Channel 12)

Christmas Day
8:30 am Three Holy Women-Holy Rosary
9:00 am Cathedral
9:30 am SS Peter & Paul
10:00 am Our Lady of Divine Providence-St. Casimir
10:30 am Three Holy Women-St. Rita
11:00 am Cathedral
11:30 am Old St. Mary (Livestreamed on YouTube)
1:00 pm Cathedral (Spanish)

Daily Mass & Weekday Confession Schedule

Daily Mass
Monday-Friday, 7:00 am and 12:05 pm at Old St. Mary
Monday-Friday, 5:15 pm at the Cathedral
Tuesday, 7:00 am at St. Casimir
Tuesday, 4:00 pm at Three Holy Women-St. Rita
Saturday, 8:00 am at SS Peter & Paul

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, 11:30 am at Old St. Mary
Wednesday, Thursday, 4:30 pm at the Cathedral
Saturday, 7:15 am at SS Peter & Paul


Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist – Jackson & Wells
Old St. Mary—Broadway & Kilbourn
Our Lady of Divine Providence-St. Casimir—Bremen & Clarke
SS Peter & Paul—Cramer & Bradford
Three Holy Women-St. Hedwig—Brady & Humboldt
Three Holy Women-St. Rita—Cass & Pleasant
Three Holy Women-Holy Rosary—Oakland & Lafayette